Hall of Fame

CYBA Hall of Fame inductees are individuals that have changed or charted the course for charter yachting.  Through pioneering efforts, service to yachting, or enhancement of the chartering experience, folks considered should have been instrumental in making the worldwide business of charter yachting what it is today.

CYBA members are invited to nominate potential Charter Yachting Hall of Fame inductees.  While the Charter Yachting Hall of Fame honours those who have left their mark on our business, the Hall’s existence was almost an afterthought… One of those “Wait a minute! That’s not the dumbest idea in the world,” moments! 

The Induction Ceremony has grown to be one of the traditional events during one of the annual Caribbean charter yacht shows, and has served to enhance the evening.  

Since 2011, your Charter Yacht Brokers Association Boards of Directors have inducted 22 worthy yachting personalities into the Charter Yachting Hall of Fame.  Membership, if you read on below, is open to people of all walks, involved in charter yachting.

Charter Yachting Hall of Fame Inductees


Frances David started handling business and messages for charter yachts back in 1989 through her secretarial and mail service, Girl Friday.  This eventually morphed in the Caribbean Connections, a Tortola-based charter yacht clearing house based at Village Cay Marina in the middle of Road Town.

Frances was instrumental in the BVI’s yachtsman-friendly programme from 1992, aiming to attract charter business to the territory. From right around the turn of the millennium, Frances became involved in concierge services for larger yachts, eventually starting Shore Side Services to cater to the needs of megayacht captains and crews.

Frances was very involved in Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR), the BVI’s “EMTs on the Seas”.

Sadly, about a month prior to her induction at the Tortola Show, Frances passed on. 

Duncan and Annie Muirhead were long-time owners (and charter captain and crew, and eventually managers) of the 105 ft trimaran Cuan Law (the role now having passed to their daughter), as well as the vessels predecessors, Lammer Law and Misty Law, also trimarans.  

Duncan and Annie cut a unique path in chartering.  Their yachts were large… Cuan Law can accommodate 20 guests in 10 queen suites, along with 8 crew and dive instructors.  They began doing fixed cruising dates, Sundays to Saturdays, and offered a full range of diving opportunities.  Along the way Duncan and Annie were founding members of the Charter Yacht Society.

They started chartering in the Virgins back in the 1970s, and for a while had Cuan Law and Lammer Law both chartering in the BVI, until the Galapagos Islands opened up and they moved Lammer Law to take advantage of that new and dynamic market. 


The Nicholson family, Cmdr VEB Nicholson, brothers Rodney & Desmond Nicholson, and Julie Nicholson, our initial inductees.


Lynn Jachney of Lynn Jachney Charters, a veteran and now retired charter broker.
Dorothy and Bob Smith of Ocean Enterprises (what eventually became today’s Flagship).  Pioneers in the concept of charter yacht clearinghouses.
The late Nigel Henderson of Newport Yacht Services, another veteran in charter yachting.
Charlie and Marti Peet of VI Water Safaris (What eventually grew into today’s Regency Charter Services and Regency Yacht Vacations).


Selwyn James, a pioneer charter chef and Caribbean national.
Ed & Barbara Hamilton of Ed Hamilton & Co.  Long time CYBA board members, early Moorings base manager in the BVI and successful independent brokers.
Joyce MacMullen of A Windward Mark Charters and the “Charter Data Index” – The CDI Guide – what evolved into today’s Charter Index.  


The late Joanne Russell of Russell Yacht Charters, veteran early charter broker… Personally, perhaps the happiest charter broker I’ve ever met and dealt with. 
Aris Drivas, chartering Greece since 1972, he is/was early-on the face of Greek chartering at the Antigua Show.
Jolyon Byerley, Antigua-based veteran captain, the voice of English Harbour Radio – the way yachts based from Antigua to Grenada used to received their news, weather, notice of messages, obits and births, and the news that they had a new charter booking!


Jim and Jill Anderson of Aegean Turkish Charter Group, pioneers in chartering the shores of Asia Minor and early and active promotors of the East Med charter venue.
Philicianno “Foxy” Callwood, MBE, entrepeneur, entertainer, showman, and tourism promoter of Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.


Sylvia Weston, also of Nicholson’s, her induction rounds out the family of early pioneers of charter yachting from English Harbour.  Antigua-born, Sylvia went into charter yachting straight out of high school and eventually joined the US office, where she continues to run Nicholson Yacht Charters office 58 years later.
Ted Irwin, yacht designer and builder.  Ted designed and built iconic 65 and 68 ft, 6 and 8 guest ketches that revolutionized charter yachting in the Caribbean, lending us the term floating condo well before the catamaran revolution took over.


Bob Saxon of Bob Saxon Assoc’s in Ft. Lauderdale, eponymous founder  of one of the early South Florida charter management houses.  His firm’s show event at Antigua’s St. James’s Club for the charter yacht show was always much anticipated.

Bev Parson of Interpac Yacht Charters in San Diego, an early fan, promoter and cheerleader of chartering along the shores of Asia Minor.


Capt. Jan Robinson of Water Island, USVI, known for her wonderful culinary compilation series, the “Ship to Shore” cookbooks, as well has officiating at various charter yacht chefs’ culinary competitions during the annual rounds of Caribbean Charter Yacht Shows.


Janet Oliver of the Charter Yacht Society of the British Virgin Islands, long the point person and liaison for the BVI’s crewed charter yachts and crews with the territorial government, as well as the chief organizer of the annual November and Spring charter yacht shows in the BVI.


Capt. Walter Boudreau, a pioneer in chartering in the Caribbean.  A “schoonerman” (schooners with names such as Caribee, Ramona, Le Voyageur, High Barbaree, Ohankara and Mariette) basically operating down island from the early 1950s, Capt. Boudreau bought into Marigot Harbour on St. Lucia to establish a charter base (named “Yacht Haven”) for his business in 1959.  Through Capt. Boudreau, many youngsters from the Marigot area learned or got into sailing as careers.
Trish Cronan, charter broker and founder of Ocean Getaways.  Trish started out like so many as crew, in 1980, and soon progressed to brokering charters.  She served in many rôles on the board of directors of the Charter Yacht Brokers Association, including President.  Trish pioneered the Meetings & Incentives angle in charter yachting, with flotillas of as many as 35 yachts going out simultaneously!