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Membership Criteria

In addition to the below specific Criteria, all CYBA Active and Associate Members must:

  • Agree to abide by CYBA’s Standing Rules and uphold the By-Laws.
  • Be truthful in all advertising and product descriptions.
  • Conduct all business in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of yachts and crews.
  • Use appropriate contracts and be able to explain the ramifications of each.
Active Membership Requirements
  • A minimum of four years in business as a full-time Crewed Yacht Charter Broker.
  • Attendance at two recognized shows per calendar year.
  • Currently, accepted shows are
    –  January: Bahamas Charter Show (IYBA)
    –  April/May  Greece, Poros Show (EMMYS)
    –  April/May  Greece, Nafplion Show (MEDYS)
    –  May: Turkey Charter Show (TYBA)
    –  May: BVI Spring Show (CYS)
    –  October: IYBA Seminar and Open House
    –  November: BVI Charter Show (CYS)
    –  November: STT Charter Show (VIPCA)
    –  December: Antigua Charter Show (AYCM)
    –  ECPY 2 Open Houses
  • Confirmation of escrow and business bank accounts.
  • Copy of up to date business license, if required in your State/Country.
  • Yacht charter website and professionally staffed phone lines.
  • Sponsorship letters from at least two Active CYBA Members.
  • Endorsements from a minimum of three Clearing Houses/ and or Central Agents with whom you’ve booked charters.
  • Payment of Annual Dues of $130 plus a one time $40 non-refundable application fee (note: your $130 membership fee is not due until approved, only the $40 application fee is required upon application.
Associate Membership

Benefits – Associate members are non-voting members and enjoy all of the same benefits as Active Members except for serving on the Board and using the logo

Application Requirements –

  • A minimum of two years as a full time Crewed Yacht Charter Broker All other requirements are the same as Active Membership

After review and acceptance of your application by the Membership committee; your name is published on the CYBA Message Board for comments, and then your application is brought before the Board of Directors for a vote. Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance, and upon payment of membership dues, their website user account will be activated, allowing access to all member areas. This will enable access to features online such as Contracts, Itineraries, Trust Account Info, Message Board, Newsletters, and more. New members will then be sent their CYBA Name Tag and Certificate of Membership.