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Most Eco Friendly Yacht Awards 2013 

St. Thomas:

alternate latitude

Alternate Latitude

E, a 44’ Voyage catamaran

Captain Steve and Deb Schlosser



BEST REVENGE 5 , a  Privilege 585 catamaran

Captain Nick Baxter and Lucy Fletcher



SAFIRA, 129’ Newcastle Motor Yacht

Captain Walter Wetmore


ALETHEIA, a 70’ Fountain Pajot catamaran

Captain Donald and Audrey Harper


REE, 115’ Valdettaro Sailing Yacht

Captain Laurence Ottley and Gaelle Andries

Going Green To Save The Blue

Suggested Language for Food Preference Sheets

What can you as a broker put on your food preference sheet? Here is what I have been doing: I adapt the wording slightly for each charter by first checking with the yacht to see how they handle water. If a yacht does not have a watermaker, but has an alternative such as buying in big jugs, I list that instead. If a yacht does not produce drinking water, I encourage them to look into it and then delete the following from my sheet. I also incorporate the “Going Green to Save the Blue” sample letter as the last page of my Food Preference Form.

Water – Our yachts have watermakers onboard with filtration systems, producing water that is as pure as bottled water. In an effort to reduce waste (as there is no recycling in the islands) and preserve the fragile marine environment, would you be willing to drink the yacht’s water? Re-usable water bottles will be provided.
____ Yes _____ No