The Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) is leading a collaborative effort to reduce the use of plastic water bottles on charter yachts throughout the world.

Many of the pristine areas where charter yachts operate have no means of recycling. All trash ends up in the landfills. Plastic bottles are especially problematic as they can take over 400 years to decompose.

Most luxury yachts are capable of providing pure, filtered water made by their watermakers. By offering the yacht’s drinkable purified water, together we can prevent millions of plastic bottles from going into the landfills.

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Qualifying for the Award:

CYBA will recognize all charter yachts making efforts to “go green” with our “Save the Blue” award. We encourage all yacht Captains to apply for this recognition. It’s easy – answer ‘yes’ to the first two criteria on the Going Green Survey plus check off 5 additional criteria. It is not a competition – if you meet the criteria, you earn the Award!

What Do You Get?

A green ribbon to display at the charter yacht shows, use of our Going Green to Save the Blue logo, and the recognition of charter brokers, clients, the media and your peers.

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CYBA Members have committed to going green!
Over 95% of our members have agreed to enact the following:

Five Easy Steps to Going Green as a Charter Yacht Broker

  1. Revise Preference Sheets to offer charter guests the choice of drinking the yacht’s water rather than bottled water (if the yacht provides it).
  2. Educate your charter guests about the importance of reducing plastic water bottle waste before they get to the provisioning list stage. You can do this through a “going green” section of your website, blog and social media, a handout that you e-mail them, a tagline in your emails, etc. (We will be providing you with some written material to help get you started).
  3. Go paperless when possible including using e-brochures instead of hard copies; transmitting contracts and forms by e-mail; when you print use recycled paper and print on both sides.
  4. Adopt a recycling policy for your office to recycle all paper brochures, bottles, cans, etc. as well as batteries, print cartridges, cell phones, etc.
  5. Support yachts which take green seriously

Sample Letter to Promote the Going Green Initiative

Going Green To Save The Blue

Suggested Language for Food Preference Sheets

What can you as a broker put on your food preference sheet? Here is what I have been doing: I adapt the wording slightly for each charter by first checking with the yacht to see how they handle water. If a yacht does not have a watermaker, but has an alternative such as buying in big jugs, I list that instead. If a yacht does not produce drinking water, I encourage them to look into it and then delete the following from my sheet. I also incorporate the “Going Green to Save the Blue” sample letter as the last page of my Food Preference Form.

Water – Our yachts have watermakers onboard with filtration systems, producing water that is as pure as bottled water. In an effort to reduce waste (as there is no recycling in the islands) and preserve the fragile marine environment, would you be willing to drink the yacht’s water? Re-usable water bottles will be provided.
____ Yes _____ No