CYBA Yacht Charter Broker Member Benefits

CYBA is dedicated to fostering the highest degree of professionalism amongst its members within the Yacht Charter Industry. The Association is committed to setting standards which require its members to adhere to a code of ethics and fiduciary responsibility. Additionally, it promotes the continuing education of its members in order to advance the quality of information they provide to consumers. CYBA shall also act as liaison between members and other groups within the yachting industry and thereby elevating the visibility of CYBA members throughout the entire yachting industry.

Membership Benefits

CYBA Membership includes:

  1. Monthly CYBA Newsletter with up to date industry related articles.
  2. Access to membership area of the CYBA Website where members can find up to date industry contracts and various other documents relevant to running a charter brokerage.
  3. Access to professionally designed destination itineraries to help with the sale of charters.
  4. Access to the Lessons Learned Forum where members discuss issues, ask questions, get advice from fellow members and share learning experiences.
  5. Member support with ethical matters related to industry issues.  CYBA Board established an Ethics Committee to act as a resource for members.
  6. Free yearly advertising through a CYBA initiated Public Relations campaign promoting CYBA members and initiatives within the yachting and travel industry.
  7. Your involvement in CYBA puts you at the forefront of protecting the environment on which our industry relies.  CYBA has been widely recognized as a leader in the yachting industries protection of our natural resources with acclaimed campaigns such as “Going Green to Save The Blue”.
  8. Use of the CYBA Logo on your website and in your email signatures which shows clients that you are a member of this prestigious organization and have met the strict industry guidelines required of members.
  9. Receive discounts at most industry Charter Broker Shows.
  10. Receiving leads from the CYBA website.
  11. Access to CYBA Escrow account.
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