Share your passion for the environment and enter the “Designer Water Contest” at the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting, December 4-9, 2016


The purpose of the contest is to highlight the great taste of water produced on board yachts, show the creativity of the yacht chefs, and demonstrate easy ways to eliminate the plastic water bottle waste on yachts.


It’s easy to do and fun.  Think of serving all the brokers this way instead of handing them a plastic bottle.  Here’s the simple rules:


  1. Create your “Yacht Specialty Water” infused with ingredients of your choice.   Water must be produced onboard your yacht.


  1. Serve in Reusable or Recyclable containers.


  1. Have 4 printed copies of your recipe to share with the judges.


  1. Email to enter the contest.  Deadline to enter:  December 4th, 2016


Taste, Creativity, and Presentation Will Be Judged

Judging will be done by a team of 4 brokers who will taste your water while onboard to view your yacht during the first two days of the show.  There is no pre-set time, and the judges may be coming individually, so have your water ready.   If you need to refresh your presentation while they are onboard, that is fine.  We know you want to look your best.


Award Presentation

December 6; 5:30 p.m. Hall of Fame – Copper and Lumber Tent

The grand prize winner will receive CYBA’s prestigious 2016 “Save the Blue” engraved award as well as spa gift certificates for the crew.  Two runners-up will each receive a special gift.  The winning recipes will be promoted in the news media.



CYBA in collaboration with AYCA, IYBA, MYBA and AYCM


E-mail today to sign up